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How to Win New Overseas Business Through Social Media?

Promoting your business through social media is a very easy, inexpensive way when you follow a few basic rules.
Win New Overseas Business Through Social Media The potential of social media is huge and allows consumers and brands to set up a two way relationship, says Harriet Clarke, Communications Manager of Internet Advertising Bureau. A recent study which was published this summer by the IAB, shows that nearly 80% of consumers would be more inclined to purchase from a company because of their presence on social media platforms. Promoting your business through social media is a very easy, inexpensive way when you follow a few basic rules.

Who is the target market?

First you need to consider who is your target market? Which social media platforms make sense to join? For example, if you’re selling drum kits, the best place to promote your business would be on My Space, which is a social networking service with a strong music emphasis. If you’re targeting business professionals your right place to network is LinkedIn. Also think about the gender and age of your target audience. The usage of twitter among 55-64 year olds is said to have grown by 79% since 2012 which makes an ideal opportunity for sellers of products for this age group. The same consideration needs to be applied when it comes to international marketing. In Russia, Facebook isn’t quite as popular as VK. In China Facebook isn’t even accessible. So knowing your audience is key.

Set some guidelines

Secondly you need to be an active but careful user of social media. After setting up your business social media it is essential that you post relevant content on a regular basis. Make sure that nothing inappropriate is published on your platforms. Involve your HR manager and work out guidelines for your employees, to avoid any faux pas. It is as important to control the company’s social media accounts as it is to keep track of the words that individual employees are spreading about your company. When it comes to international marketing, you need to consider how you will manage this, especially as the tweets are written by a foreign language speaker. It’s key to use a company who localises the tweets, to ensure the same impact in the new market as at home.

Keep your focus

And last but not least, never lose sight of your business goals. It is great when you see that your follower base is increasing and more people are commenting on your posts but make sure that you keep your business goals in mind. At the end of the day your interest is to increase your business profit and for that you need to turn your followers into buyers. Make sure that everything you post is in some way relevant to your business goals. Let us know what you think? Have your profits increased since you’ve set up a company social media account?

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