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How Many Businesses are Started by Migrants in the UK?

This article looks at the latest research on the number of businesses started by migrant workers, proven to be as high as 1 in 7.
Interesting new stats from the Centre for Entrepreneurs have surfaced today regarding the economic contribution of migrant workers, showing that 1 in 7 UK businesses are started by migrants. Wolfestone co-founder Anna Bastek is a keen promoter of the positive impact of migrant workers, and you can read about her story in more detail in Business Matters Magazine. As a business employing dozens of British workers, Anna contributes to the 14% of UK jobs that are created by migrants. Birth Certificate Translation The research from the CFE think-tank shows 64% of people surveyed believe the number of immigrant entrepreneurs needs to stay the same or be reduced. This highlights the disconnect between public perception and the benefits migrant entrepreneurs bring to the economy. Dr Heaven Crawley from the Institute for Public Policy Research, states: "The economic benefit of immigration (into the UK) is overall very clear - it boosts GDP. The economic benefits are significantly higher than the costs." So what are the key stats?
  • 1 in 7 UK businesses are started by migrants
  • 14% of jobs are created by migrants
  • 17.2% of migrants are entrepreneurs
  • This compares with 10% of UK nationals that start their own business
FT migrant workers What do you think can be done to help change public perception of migrant workers and entrepreneurs?

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