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Helping International Scientific Papers Compete on the World Stage

Almost all the top scientific journals are produced and printed in English. In order to pass the peer review process and be published in a prestigious international journal the standard of both the science presented in a paper and the English grammar must be flawless. Even the formatting is important. Even those near-fluent English speakers who work with colleagues in Britain and North America on a regular basis may find it difficult to present their work in perfect, sparkling English. Those with less experience, for example PhD students and early career researchers who do not speak English to a native standard, it can be very difficult to get published in a well-respected journal even if they have some very exciting results to present. A technical translation agency like Wolfestone can help. We can completely translate Russian to English or simply edit and polish the finer points of grammar in an English paper written by a native French speaker. Our language translators can do as little or as much as you need. Whether your English is just short of absolutely perfect or you barely speak a word, we can help. Because we are a true technical translation agency, our staff have the experience needed to handle scientific terminology correctly. We have language translators who specialise in medical documents, in architectural jargon, in various scientific disciplines and legal terminology. You can rest assured that the thrust of your argument won’t be lost in translation and the finer details of your method and conclusions will be presented as you intended, in excellent scientific English.

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