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Good practice means good business for the legal profession

At Wolfestone we believe in identifying trusted partners who share our values and with who we can work closely to mutual advantage. One of the best examples of this principle in action is our partnership with Joy Ogeh-Hutfield of Lamajo Consulting. Joy provides bespoke professional training and development covering all aspects of Equality and Diversity and leadership and management Skills. Joy’s service covers a wide range of private and public sector disciplines, but with the legal profession taking major steps forward in the promotion of Equality and Diversity, her skills are increasingly relevant for firms of all sizes. A track record of consultancy with the police and prison service has familiarised Joy with the particular challenges of the legal workplace, and her training is carefully tailored to match the needs of individuals and organisations. Joy’s work helps employers make positive, ethical practice part of their day-to-day reality, and the results are always the same. Happier, more respectful and above all more productive working environments. Good practice means good business. A regular speaker at events including the British Association for Women in Policing Nottinghamshire Women Police Conference, South Wales Female Police Conference and The Chinese Mental Health Conference, Joy has also hosted the Wales National Diversity Awards, the One World Day and The Chinese International New Year Celebrations. As a gifted speaker with an infectious personality, Joy’s views are featured regularly on national television and radio. It’s time you met Joy Ogeh-Hutfield. Joy’s programmes address the following key areas: • Cultural Diversity and Awareness • Equality and Diversity • Bullying and Harassment • Leading and Managing Organisational Values • Equality in Business • Impact Assessment • Practical Leadership and Management Training • Coaching and Personal Development To find out more, contact Joy on: 01792 535272/07989 982168 or at: joy@lamajo.co.uk

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