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Exporting to China? Get Clued Up On Qzone

Online communication is essential when trying to export your concept abroad. Keep in mind that China blocks social media such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter so you should definitely be familiar with which social media sites are successful there.

Qzone is one of them. It is arguably the most popular social media site in China with nearly 600 million users. Qzone was created by Tencent in 2005 as a blogging platform similar to WordPress and Tumblr. The website does not only feature blog posts but also includes videos, and games and its users can also share posts and listen to music. One of its distinctive features is that users can really personalize their Qzone account by selecting accessories, choosing their background, etc.

According to eMarketer, a digital marketing analysis company, Qzone ranks 6th in the top 15 social networks worldwide with 21% active users. The social network is particularly popular with Chinese people aged 18-24 and its users are more likely to come from small cities.

What about you? Do you use Qzone to promote your brand in China?


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