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Efficient Transcription: Success Translated

Even the best typists will generally not be able to type quite as fast as someone speaking. However, turning speech into written documents is fundamental for a lot of applications, such as producing transcripts of court proceedings or scripts for voiceovers. Transcription, therefore, can be a difficult and time consuming process, but it can also be essential. This is why it is a good idea to outsource transcription to a professional translation company. Generally, it takes around four hours to transcribe a single hour of audio into the written word; therefore, it is simply not viable to try and transcribe in-house, especially if your company has a lot of content to transcribe. Luckily, while the challenge may be pertinent, the solution is simple - to outsource professional translation services. The added value in using a translation company to handle your transcription requirement is that they will also be able to translate documents once they have been transcribed into a written content. Of course the advantage in doing this speaks for itself, and by choosing a company that handles both translation and transcription you can save on time as well as costs. The challenge with audio transcription in the modern context is that over time audio formats have diversified considerably. Therefore an effective transcription service should be able to handle older formats, such as vinyl or CD, as well as modern formats such as mp3, that way even if you are perhaps transcribing an archive in an outmoded format, you can be sure that your particular needs are well met. So, the hassle of transcription may be pertinent; however, by choosing the right professional translation company you can ensure that not only is your media transcribed on your behalf, but that it is transcribed to the highest standards of accuracy.

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