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Doesn’t Everyone Speak English?

English speaking nations often get a little complacent when it comes to languages. Especially in Europe, we get so spoiled by the number of people that speak our language that we often start to assume that everyone speaks English. In fact, because of this, many companies place no value on language skills whatsoever despite the fact it has been proven that those businesses who are proactive in their use of foreign languages can achieve an average of nearly 50% more sales abroad. With much more importance being placed on Russian, Chinese and Spanish languages in the global marketplace, it might not be too long before our complacency severely affects British exports. The complacency of our general view on languages also means that there are fewer people with the relevant experience or qualifications who will be able to speak these key languages. So when it comes to needing English to Spanish translation or English to Chinese translation, many companies may find themselves at a loss. With Wolfestone you don’t need to have employees that speak those languages. As a translation company, we can ensure your website and all communication are pitch perfect for whichever language and culture they need to be aimed at. A translation company can turnaround that English to Chinese translation or English to Spanish translation, quickly, cheaply and effectively. Only 10% of people in the world have a grasp of the English language. That means by narrowing your approach to just English you are alienating up to 90% of the potential business world. And even if the clients you are dealing with happen to speak your language, they’ll appreciate that you have made an effort to speak theirs.

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