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Do I Need a Foreign Domain Name?

To .de or not to .de, that is the question.

Well, it all comes down to how you plan to promote your site.

If you’re going to be doing short-term and very direct promotions, such as advertising and attending trade shows you’ll be fine with your standard .com domain.

But if SEO is going to be part of your strategy abroad, I would recommend getting an in-country domain early, before you’ve done too much work promoting your current one. That’s because Google favors a ccTLD – a Country-Code Top-Level Domain.

Along with translation of website content, in-country digital strategy, and a local link-building strategy, your domain name is a key factor in how well you’ll rank abroad. Users in that country will also trust a local domain more, so the choice to invest is a good one.

Do you agree with getting an in-country domain?


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