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Cross-Cultural Communication

Dealing with different cultural and their business norms.

One of the thrills of modern business is communicating across cultural boundaries, which not only ensures that your company reaches its fullest potential, but also adds to the intrigue of modern business. One of the challenges when communicating across boundaries, however, is avoiding common communication pitfalls, which can really undermine your modus operandi.

Often, organizations can be undermined by a tendency to rush headlong into cross-cultural relationships, without really thinking things through. This is especially problematic when dealing with cultures that have clear cultural identities, but which are perhaps not as open as other cultures.

Too frequently this leads to an insensitivity to a culture (usually un-meant) where persistent stereotypes can lead companies down blind allies of ineffective cultural communications, or worse, into offensive marketing strategies that adhere to western stereotypes, rather than the ideals of the target audience.

At a simple level, many of these problems can be overcome in translation, and by choosing professional language translation you can ensure that your translated documents meet the cultural and linguistic standards of your target market.

This is possible because an agency, like Wolfestone Group, uses human-led fluent translators who are best equipped to understand the nuances of a language or the meaning of even the most opaque technical document.

With this in mind, whether you are looking for Spanish or Chinese translations, our service can help you translate all kinds of documents, no matter how technical – or how important.


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