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Complete Guide to AI Dubbing and Voiceovers 2023

Learn how to use AI to create professional-quality dubbing and voiceovers for your videos, podcasts, and other content.

Dubbing and voiceover work is essential for bringing your content to new audiences. However, it’s always been somewhat costly and time-consuming to produce effective VOs.

Now, AI technology is changing that.

You can now create human-sounding voiceovers with AI at the click of a button. Businesses can translate and publish content around the globe much faster and at minimal cost. It’s also easier than ever to boost the accessibility of your content and attract a wider audience.

But AI dubbing and voiceover services are not all the same. Some deliver flat, robotic-sounding voiceovers. Others, such as Wolfestone Group’s AI voiceover services, incorporate human management and audio experts to create natural human voices.


What is AI Dubbing and Voiceover?

AI dubbing and voiceover is advanced text-to-speech (TTS) technology that uses machine learning to replicate human voices. To use these tools and services, you submit a text-based script and choose a tone of voice (e.g. American man, English woman, etc.). The AI then creates an audio file of a real-sounding human voice speaking your words.

Is the AI able to deliver realistic human speech? It depends on the tool or agency you use, but for the most part, yes.

You may have heard of other AI tools like ChatGPT, which are trained on massive sets of text data. Similar to those tools, dubbing and voiceover AI is trained on large libraries of human voices. The AI’s neural network analyzes speech patterns and uses what it “learns” to generate human-sounding voices.

While the AI isn’t perfect, its output can be tweaked to near-perfection by human experts, such as audio editors and engineers. Premium AI voiceover and dubbing services like Wolfestone Group’s include this post-production work in their service offerings to guarantee you get truly human-sounding VOs.

Why AI Dubbing and Voiceover Are So Popular

AI voiceover technology has come a long way in the last year or so. For the first time, it’s possible to achieve AI voices that are indistinguishable from human voices.

For businesses, this means AI voiceovers are now a viable option for more nuanced types of content such as ads and social media videos.

AI voices can do much more than they could before.

Here are just a few benefits that businesses are seeing:

  • Huge savings: Hiring actors, booking studio time, and dealing with middlemen can turn a 30-second VO clip into potentially a huge investment. You won’t need any of that with AI.
  • It’s fast: In the age of social media, your content might be irrelevant before you can produce a traditional VO. With AI, you can generate voiceovers with a click and stay on top of trends.
  • It sounds real: AI voiceovers are so good that humans can no longer detect AI from real voices—even when they are instructed to listen for AI-sounding speech. Most high-quality AI voiceover and dubbing will go undetected by casual listeners.
  • Sample your voiceover before you buy: Don’t like a voice actor’s performance? Before, you’d be out of luck. With AI, you can sample voices before you pay a dime so you know exactly what your VO will sound like.
  • Choose from hundreds of voices: Most AI VO services have a library of hundreds of different voices, including diverse accents from around the world.
  • It supports multiple formats: Easily request or convert your AI audio files to your desired format, including MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and more.

What You Should Consider When Shopping for an AI Voiceover Service

To get the most out of your AI voiceover or dubbing, you need to choose a service that is able to meet your expectations—and not all of them can.

For example, cheap, automated services that deliver instantly are more likely to be low-quality. These often involve zero human production, so you may encounter tonal and pronunciation errors. However, these services are cheap and quick. So, if you need a meeting quickly dubbed for your Spanish-speaking teams, it might be a good option.

Other services are much more hands-on, implementing rounds of human audio editing to correct the AI when it falls short. Wolfestone Group employs a team of editors and audio engineers to correct and sync each syllable until it sounds 100% natural. When the AI is managed by a human team, you get the best results.

The downside is that this takes slightly more time. But if you’re creating content for consumers, such as ads, YouTube videos, podcast spots, and explainer videos, a premium service is essential to achieve the right tone in a natural human voice.

Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for an AI voiceover service:

  • The audience: If you’re making content to engage an audience, you should go for a higher-quality AI service.
  • The tone: The right tone of voice is key to engaging listeners or viewers. The longer your content, the more likely listeners will detect issues with tone. Cheap services may be okay for 10-second clips, but anything longer will require professional AI or human voiceover services.
  • The realism: If it wasn’t already clear, premium AI voiceover services like Wolfestone Group’s produce more realistic voices than simpler services and automated tools.
  • The speed of delivery: Premium services are managed by humans, so they take slightly longer to deliver. If you need an urgent VO, it might be worth it to try an instant voiceover tool.
  • Personalized service: If you need voiceover and dubbing done regularly, it’s much more beneficial to work with a premium service that gets to know your brand’s identity over time. When you work with Wolfestone Group, we assign your company a dedicated project manager to ensure each voiceover meets your specific needs.

Wolfestone Group: Professional AI Voiceover and Dubbing for Businesses

AI voiceover and dubbing services offer exceptional quality at a tempting price. But don’t be tempted too easily. A human touch is still essential to creating voiceovers and dubs that don’t leave listeners feeling like they’ve entered the uncanny valley.

While automated tools provide quick solutions, they often fall short of delivering authenticity that resonates with audiences. Wolfestone Group bridges this gap by combining the efficiency of AI with human management and audio experts.

We understand the importance of tone, cadence and nuance in voiceovers—factors that can make or break audience engagement. By choosing Wolfestone Group, your business can be assured of voiceovers and foreign language dubbing that sounds human and appeals to your target listener.

Contact Wolfestone Group today and let us show you what a truly human AI voiceover sounds like during a free consultation.

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