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Certified Translation: Yes - the details really ARE important

A news story was recently published regarding the mistranslation of the constitution of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), Sri Lanka's major Tamil party. The certified translation from Tamil into English incorrectly stated that the party wanted a separate Tamil state! The error caused immediate upheaval on Sri Lanka’s political scene, with the opposing Sinhala nationalist Buddhist party Jathika Hela Urumaya demanding legal action against the translated declaration, claiming that it directly contradicts the country’s constitution. This unfortunate occurrence has done irreparable damage to the translator’s credibility, has increased political tensions in Sri Lanka and has exposed the country to widespread derision. One person who understands the importance of attention to detail in legal translations is the manager of Wolfestone’s Certified Translations Department, Mari d’Antonio. Mari and her team deal with the translation and certification of legally binding documents on a daily basis. All team members are experienced, degree-qualified linguists with a finely tuned understanding of the intricacies of the legal translation process. The consequences of ratifying an incorrect translation might not always be as far reaching as those in Sri Lanka, but Mari and her team treat every client and every translation with equal diligence: "The translation of legal documents requires the utmost precision. Wolfestone offers speed without haste and professional effectiveness combined with cost-effectiveness. We take pride in being the partner of choice for reputable firms across the globe." Wolfestone’s certified translation projects are verified by independent proofreaders before formal certification. All levels of certification, notarisation and apostilling are available at our clients’ convenience. Wolfestone offer single-page document certification from as little as £49 + VAT with reduced rates available for larger jobs. For further information, please contact our team at certificates@wolfestone.co.uk or follow us on twitter at @WolfestoneCerts.

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