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Case Study: The WOW Factor

Wolfestone has a track record of supporting clients of all sizes across all sectors, but there’s something very satisfying about working with a specialist service provider whose products are not only widely used but widely loved. From a Head Office in west London, WOW Toys has built a global operation dedicated to innovation and quality. From its earliest days in 1997, the WOW mission was clear; to design great quality toys with long lasting play value that weren’t reliant on batteries. Fifteen years later the safety, durability and enjoyment of these toys have earned a string of industry awards and a global supply network. WOW toys are now available in over 900 UK retailers and 50 more countries around the world. The company’s global reach was underlined when their “Dudley Dump Truck” and “Ernie Fire Engine” toys appeared in a recent TV commercial in Russia. Wolfestone is currently helping a number of engineering clients to expand into the Russian automotive sector, and we’re impressed by WOW’s success! Fun in any language One of the features of WOW toys is their fun, bubbly and alliterative names. Moving into the German market, it was important to set a similar tone and make a similarly positive impact. When WOW decided to translate key product information into German, Wolfestone were delighted to help. Our inhouse German translation team approached this task by making a list of English names for all WOW toys, then “brainstorming” for suitable German alternatives. Our understanding of the culture of the target market as well as the technicalities of the German language proved invaluable. Harvey Harvester became Matze Mähdrescher, Tip-it Toby became Leo Laster. It was our job to make sure the charm and fun of WOW’s English toys translated perfectly in to the target market, and it was gratifying to get the client’s seal of approval. Fifteen years of success, fifteen years of innovation, fifteen years of satisfied customers. WOW’s continuing success story strikes a chord with Wolfestone. Many of the children who played with WOW toys in the late 1990s are now having children of their own, and new generations around the world are being introduced to the unique imagination behind WOW’s products. In the same way, Wolfestone clients who’ve used our service to break into one new market come back to us time and time again to make further inroads in emerging economies around the world. Parallels between the two companies also extend to our charity work. WOW Marketing Executive Matt Gibbs literally “went the extra mile” in a good cause when he completed the 2012 Madrid Marathon. Matt’s efforts resulted in £330 worth of toys being donated to the Shooting Star Chase Hospice in Hampton. Wolfestone staff will follow in Matt’s footsteps later in 2012, with “Team Wolfestone” signed up for the Cardiff half marathon, committed to fundraising for Morriston Hospital in Swansea. It’s a pleasure for Wolfestone to be associated with a client whose professional and ethical standards so closely match our own. We wish WOW Toys every success for the future and look forward to supporting them with their international expansion.

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