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Breaking into the International Marketplace

How an agency can help.

Selling products or services domestically may well help your company to continue to survive and in some even prosper. But for a US brand to reach its full potential, it is almost always important to branch out internationally.

However, doing so can be a tricky business. There is not only a language barrier to consider, but also a cultural one too, and ensuring you present yourself to potential foreign clients in the right way is essential if you are to make an impact in the global marketplace.

Taking your American company global will increase confidence in your brand whilst also obviously increasing profits and potential. However, it can often be hard enough to stand out amongst companies in your own country, never mind when the competition is multiplied a thousand times over and you are suddenly swimming in an ocean, looking up at small fishes and wishing that you were as big as them.

So how do you ensure that you can fully communicate your unique selling points in a way that is both effective and culturally focused? Simple translations alone will not grab the attention of people from other areas of the world, which is evident from the different ways the same products are usually marketed around the world.

It is therefore essential that when broadening your horizons you utilize a specific business-focused translation agency.


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