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Boost in Wolfestone Elocution Service Demand

A great new branch to the Wolfestone translation company tree is elocution and accent softening tutoring. Already highly sought after and catering to clients such as the BBC and Natwest, we’re currently evolving our elocution service to meet high demand across the spectrum. We meet lots of lovely people looking to neutralise accent traits and develop the vocal skills to speak clearly and confidently in a voice easily understood in the public arena. Every client has their own reasons; developed job prospects, daily confidence, improved communication, better public speaking etc. The job of our expert tutors is to assess every client one-to-one, create a tailored approach and work through the project from beginning to end in a non-critical, support-driven environment. Take the example of a multinational business. Many of our elocution clients are non-native UK executives looking to improve their spoken English in order to keep up with their written English skills. Just a little accent softening could negate the need of English Arabic translation, English Russian translation etc. in the boardroom. Although our interpreting services are second to none, we realise that helping you to communicate face to face with the world can be the best thing for your life. Our elocution service can help your mouth keep up with the linguistic knowledge in your brain! So, if English isn’t your first language and you’d like to overcome the need for that English Russian translation in the office, get in touch on 0845 000 0083 to arrange a one-to-one meeting with one of our accomplished elocution coaches.

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