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Avoiding Instant Translators

If you type ‘Watch my face while I eat’ into a certain online translator and ask for the Russian translation, then take this Russian translation and turn it back into English, you suddenly have the phrase ‘You can observe my side in proportion to I. I eat.’ Now, while it is very rare that you may need to get that certain phrase translated into Russian, or indeed translation from Russian to English, this is simply a random phrase we chose and the results show that there is no denying that online instant translations will more than likely offer you nothing but inane waffle. It is likely that we all know people who, desperate to impress an attractive foreigner, have decided that they would profess to have linguistic skills they simply don’t possess and have used an online language translation service to turn their missives into another language. The results of these endeavours will usually range from bafflement to confusion to being almost certain that the writer has some severe mental problems. So in business, where the results of language translation have much more important consequences, it is important that you ensure you know exactly what you are saying. Language translation is not as simple as changing words for their foreign equivalent. The nuances of specific languages and their deeper meanings and implications simply can’t be grasped by a computer program. Wolfestone offer excellent translation rates and peace of mind that you will be saying what you mean to say and not asking someone to observe your side in proportion. Contact us today to see how our translation rates compare.

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