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Are you Part of the Second Screen Generation?

Hello there! Are you reading this on your smartphone or laptop? Are you also watching TV by any chance? If you did answer yes to both those questions, or if you often surf the web while you watch TV... Congratulations! You are officially part of the Second Screen generation.

‘Second Screen’ is the new phenomenon of browsing the web while watching TV. 88% of American tablet owners report that they look at two screens at the same time – that’s not even taking smartphones and laptops into consideration!

What about Europe? Which country comes out on top? Yes, you guessed correctly, Brits are the Kings and Queens of ‘Second Screen’, with 80% of smartphone users, 81% of tablet users, and 73% of laptop users watching the TV while they search the web. This is compared to 74% of French people, 54% of Belgians, 41% of Germans, and 39% of Spaniards, just to give you a quick taster. In fact, the European average is 48%.

So, Second Screen is a widespread phenomenon. But is that a good thing? Are we becoming better at multitasking? Or instead, is everyone becoming more anti-social?

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