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April News at Wolfestone

It’s been another busy month here at Wolfestone. Anna Bastek and Roy AllkinIT Security The big news is we’ve been investing in our IT infrastructure and upgrading security. We already have a secure private cloud system in place and we’re always looking to stay ahead in terms of security because in business new developments happen so quickly. In recent months we’ve heard about the hacking of Facebook, WordPress and Xbox Live. Exports This month Wolfestone Director Anna Bastek teamed up with Penderyn Whisky to promote the opportunities that exporting can bring, and Anna also spoke to the Evening Post about how SMEs should aim high. Encouraging and fostering an export culture is at the heart of Wolfestone’s ethos, and the company was also involved in the West Wales Exporters event recently, talking about opportunities in Brazil. Earth Day We’re also looking forward to Earth Day next Monday. We’ll be getting involved in a variety of ways. Most of our staff will be getting public transport or walking to work, while others will be getting involved in activities from adopting animals to recycling initiatives. And as a company we’ll be tapping into our network to promote green initiatives. If you know of any that should be more widely recognised, do email us with your suggestion.

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