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A Home Abroad

It’s not all business, business, business here in at Wolfestone translation company HQ, many of our clients are lovely folks looking for one-off services to make their dreams come true! As much as our expert technical translation and website localisation teams love to get to grips with massive projects requiring multilingual translation, they’re also thrilled to help clients sort out everything from the smallest passage to be read at a Korean wedding, to a child’s school project translated and sent to Grandma in Italy. There’s certainly one dream we’ve noticed; a growing number of people seeking out a translation company to oversee property purchase in another country. With property prices at a low, many UK residents are heading to the likes of Bulgaria in search of holiday homes and boltholes in the stunning geography between Alpine snow peaks and the glorious Black Sea coast. Our legal translation services are frequently used by global brands, but we also understand the requisite of smaller private clients (such as those looking to buy property abroad) to accept only first rate services. 100% accurate legal document translation is essential to make sure our clients understand every element of the buying process, capital gains tax, preliminary contract stipulations etc. We frequently work alongside UK and non-UK-based solicitors to create client native language documents that help make the buying process as transparent and understandable as possible. As a leading global translation company, Wolfestone can provide vital support to private clients. We wish you well in your new holiday home!

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