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End-to-end linguistic solutions for cybersecurity firms by certified cybersecurity and IT translators.

Professional Translation Services for Cyber Security Firms

As a cybersecurity firm, speed and accuracy are paramount to your success. But due to the ever-evolving nature of the industry, translating documents into multiple languages can slow your operations and risk your ability to keep your clients safe.

That’s why Wolfestone Group has spent the past decade building a dedicated cybersecurity translation team to serve the unique needs of cybersecurity firms.

Our translators are IT experts with at least 5 years’ of experience in the field. And our cybersecurity quality control team coordinates regular terminology and technology training to ensure our linguists are able to keep up with industry trends.

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Our Cybersecurity Language Services:

  • Faster translations: Communicate more effectively with your global clients and teams
  • Improved accuracy: Our quality control team is composed of human cyber security experts
  • Higher efficiency: Empower your staff to learn faster and accomplish more at scale
  • Stronger security for your clients: Speed is everything. Improving your rate of communication will prevent incidents and mitigate harm
  • Greater growth potential: Faster, more accurate translations empower your firm for global growth

Wolfestone Group’s specialized cyber security translators deliver translations you can trust at 2x the speed of other translation agencies. Contact us now and get a response in under 60 minutes.

  • Cybersecurity Document Translation in 220+ Language Pairs
  • Certified Human Translation by Specialized Cybersecurity Translators
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified for Maximum Data Security
  • The Industry's Highest Standards of Accuracy and Regulatory Compliance
  • Customized Language Solutions Tailored to Your Firm

Zscaler helps global organizations transform into cloud-enabled operations. Isabella Muma, Marketing Content and Localization Specialist EMEA for Zscaler, discusses how Wolfestone has played a significant role in the company’s rapid international expansion.

Cyber Security Translations You Can Trust in 220+ Language Pairs

Wolfestone Group’s cyber security team is capable of handling all of your linguistic needs quickly and accurately.

Technical Documentation

Such as network architecture diagrams, system configurations and security protocols.

Security Policies and Procedures

To ensure a uniform understanding of cybersecurity responsibilities across your global teams.

Security Assessments and Reports

To facilitate clear communication of vulnerability insights and security recommendations to your global clients.

Marketing and Advertising Materials

Such as brochures, ads, or social media posts. Translated by our transcreation specialists to resonate with your target audience.

Training Materials

Such as cybersecurity best practices, threat intelligence, and incident response to ensure uniform quality of training across your international teams.

Our Translators Are Cyber Security Experts

When your translators are experts within your industry, you get more than translation services. You get partners who enhance your ability to communicate and operate efficiently.

Wolfestone Group’s cyber security translators have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in IT. They don’t just comprehend the words on the page. They understand the underlying concepts and aims of the cybersecurity industry. This enables them to communicate more clearly and concisely when time matters.

And because we assign certified translators to your firm in the long term, they become more adept at serving your needs over time.

Technical Accuracy is Guaranteed

An inaccurate translation can greatly increase the potential for harm. And it can be difficult to track down the source. Wolfestone Group is proud to have the most robust quality assurance standards in the industry.

Each translation undergoes multiple rounds of human and AI controls to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and regulatory compliance. Cyber security translations must pass an extra round of quality controls by our cyber security team.

When a new threat emerges, you don’t have time to double-check translations or send them back for edits. Wolfestone Group’s translators get it right the first time.

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Continuous Multilingual Cybersecurity Training

The cyber security industry is constantly evolving—and so are our translators. The backbone of Wolfestone Group’s cyber security team is based on continuous terminology and tech training for our linguists.

We understand that in order to keep pace with our needs, we need to be at the forefront of the industry. From AI threats to the latest GDPR measures to cloud security, our translators have a firm grasp on emerging trends in the cyber security industry.

ISO 27001:2013 Certified Translation

Don’t let a translation agency become a vulnerability in your firm’s attack surface. Wolfestone Group is one of the few translation agencies to have earned an ISO 27001:2013 certification, demonstrating our achievement of the highest possible data security standards.

Wolfestone Group employs advanced encryption to safeguard every translation, and our proprietary translation technology keeps your data within our secure infrastructure. We also go to great lengths to educate our translators on data security best practices.

Additional Language Services for Cybersecu

Wolfestone Group is able to take care of 100% of your linguistic needs under one roof and on one invoice. Our services include far more than just translation. Our additional services include:

Voiceovers Services

Turn your training materials, ads, webinars,Webs and more into multilingual resources with professional voiceovers in 220+ language pairs.

Website Translation

Build trust in new markets with localized website translation. Let our cyber security experts translate your service pages, FAQs, customer support pages and more. We also offer multilingual SEO services to boost your visibility in new markets.

Live Captioning

Our live captioning and interpreting services are available when you need to communicate in real-time. Whether for international conferences or conference calls, our cyber security interpreters state your message clearly.


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Since 2006, Wolfestone Group has been a global leader in providing customized translation services and linguistic solutions to some of the most reputable brands.

We are not a one-size-fits-all translation agency. We are dedicated to building relationships with our clients and our translators in order to provide the highest possible level of service.

Our industry-specific teams, proprietary translation technology and industry-leading accuracy controls have made us the choice of companies that seek a higher standard of linguistic services. And our in-house cybersecurity experts guarantee the highest degree of accuracy and compliance for our cybersecurity clients.

Choose Wolfestone Group today and experience the assurance of collaborating with an industry-leading translation service provider that understands the needs of cybersecurity firms.

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