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Medical Device Translation

Wolfestone Group offers professional translation for medical devices to fit a range of requirements and needs.

Professional Translation Services for Medical Devices

The medical device industry is highly regulated, and any inaccurate or unclear information can have serious consequences for patient safety. That's why it's crucial to have precise and reliable translations for all medical device materials.

At Wolfestone Group, we provide professional translation services for medical devices, including user manuals, labeling, packaging, software interfaces, and more.

Our team of linguists and subject matter experts have extensive experience in the medical device industry, ensuring that your translations are accurate, clear, and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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Wolfestone Group were very useful and made sure that any company phrases that had specific translations were taken in to consideration. They were recommended to me by a colleague and I can see why!

Circassia Ltd, producer of NIOX®

Professional Medical Device Translation Services

The medical devices industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world, with rapid advancements in technology and a rising demand for innovative healthcare solutions. According to recent reports, the global medical devices market size was valued at USD 425.5 Billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 612.7 Billion by 2025.

To succeed in this growing market, it's important to ensure that your medical device is accurately translated and localized for each target market. That's where Wolfestone Group comes in.

Our team of expert linguists provides high-quality translation services for medical devices that meet your specific needs and requirements. We understand the importance of accuracy in medical translations, especially when it comes to patient health and wellbeing. That's why we prioritize quality and precision in all of our work.

Whether you're launching a medical device in one market or expanding globally, our professional translation services will help you reach your target audience with confidence. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our medical device translation services.

The Importance of Accuracy

Accuracy is of utmost importance when it comes to medical device translation. This is because any mistakes or inaccuracies in the translation can potentially put the patient's health and safety at risk.

For example, incorrect translation of medical device instructions or warnings could result in improper usage of the device, leading to serious consequences. Moreover, inaccurate translation of medical device labels or packaging information could lead to regulatory non-compliance, leading to legal penalties, product recalls, and damage to brand reputation.

Therefore, it is crucial to work with a professional translation service provider that has extensive experience in medical device translation and a proven track record of delivering accurate translations.

What We Translate & Localize

We offer a range of translation and localization services for medical devices, including:

  1. User Manuals: We can translate user manuals, instructions for use (IFUs), and other documentation for medical devices.
  2. Software: We can translate and localize software user interfaces (UI), online help systems, and any other software-related content for medical devices.
  3. Labels and Packaging: We can translate product labels, packaging, and any accompanying documentation.
  4. Marketing Material: We can translate any marketing material, including brochures, websites, and presentations.
  5. Regulatory Documents: We can translate regulatory documents, such as clinical trial reports, summary of product characteristics (SmPC), and more.

Our expert medical device translators work with the latest translation tools to ensure quality, consistency, and efficiency in every project.

We understand that accurate translations are essential for regulatory compliance, patient safety, and successful global expansion.


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Wolfestone provided our organisation with a highly professional translation service. We were thoroughly satisfied with every aspect of the service and would definitely call upon them again.


Our Solutions

Science & Medicine

We offer a range of language solutions specifically tailored for the medical and scientific industries. Our team of expert linguists has a deep understanding of the complex terminology and regulatory requirements involved in these fields, ensuring accurate and effective communication across language barriers.

Medical Software Localization

Medical software localization is a critical aspect of ensuring your medical products and services are accessible to a global audience. At Wolfestone Group, we understand the complexities involved in localizing medical software, and we have the expertise and experience to help you.

Technical Translation

Many sectors, including healthcare and pharma, require a deeper understanding of texts and information. Our technical translation services utilize an industry-qualified linguist with experience in your field. We can cover manuals, documents, pharma information, and more.

Website Translation

Having a multilingual website is crucial to reaching a global audience in today's interconnected world. We offer professional website translation services to ensure that your online presence is accessible to speakers of multiple languages.

Language Training

Learning a new language is essential for medical professionals looking to communicate with patients, clients, and suppliers. Our language training services help professionals learn new languages quickly and efficiently, including LATAM Spanish, German, and French.

Marketing Translation

If you're looking to take your devices, services, or medical products to the global marketplace, you need to speak your customers' language. Marketing translation goes beyond traditional translation and seeks to understand the target audience on a deeper level.


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Wolfestone Group guarantees you professional, precise, and accurate translations in over 220 language pairs, even language pairs that are more difficult to place.

Each of our medical translation linguists is vetted through our multiple-step selection process. We only use specialists with a minimum of five years of industry experience and relevant higher-learning qualifications in Medicine and Healthcare. Our quality assurance process contains tests, ratings and quality spot-checks.

We also guarantee the highest possible level of security for your documents. Every project we undertake at Wolfestone is human-delivered but is supported by our very best linguistic technology.