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Corporate Law

Expert Corporate Law Translation Services for Seamless Multilingual Legal Communication.

Professional Legal Translation for Corporate Law

Your corporate clients expect precision and accuracy in their contracts, regulatory filings and financial documents. But one translation error can land them in trouble with regulators or even affect their bottom line. That’s why many top law firms and corporate legal representatives trust Wolfestone Group for legal translations and other linguistic services.

Wolfestone Group’s dedicated legal translation team is composed of professional legal translators and quality control experts with at least 5 years’ experience in the legal sector. Many have formal judicial or legal education or have worked for law firms. And all understand the legal terminology and regulatory requirements in their target languages and markets.

Don’t trust your complex legal translations and client data to an unqualified translation agency. Contact Wolfestone Group today to discover our custom translation solutions.

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Accurate and Reliable Translation Services by Experts in Corporate Law

  • Corporate Law Document Translation in 220+ Language Pairs
  • Certified Human Translation by Specialized Legal Translators
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified for Maximum Data Security
  • The Industry’s Most Rigorous Standards of Accuracy and Regulatory Compliance
  • Customized Language Solutions Tailored to Your Firm

When You Partner with Wolfestone Group for Corporate Legal Translation, You Get:

Expedited translations: Experienced legal translators who understand your needs are able to deliver tasks more quickly and reliably. When filing deadlines matter, speed makes a difference.

Superior accuracy: Every translation must pass our industry-leading quality control measures. Legal translations undergo an additional round of inspection by our legal team.

Streamlined communication: Our translation, captioning and interpreting services allow you to work closely with non-English speaking clients and teams around the globe. Never let language barriers hinder your ability to provide excellent service.

Secure data handling: Most translation agencies pose a significant risk to your clients’ data. Wolfestone Group’s ISO 27001:2013 certification guarantees that your legal documents are safe within our secure system.

Greater growth potential: Wolfestone Group’s legal team covers 100% of your legal linguistic needs in 220+ language pairs, allowing your firm or corporate entity to enter new markets with confidence.

Wolfestone Group has specialized in building custom legal translation solutions for corporate law clients since 2006. Get in touch now to learn more about our legal translation team and get a response in under 60 minutes.

Fast, Secure and Accurate Legal Translations in 220+ Language Pairs

Wolfestone Group's legal translation team has the expertise to handle all of your linguistic needs under one roof and on one invoice. Our legal translation services include:

Legal contracts and agreements: Our legal translators can assist as you draft and review legal contracts and agreements in over 100 languages. These include employment contracts, purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and more.

Court documents: Technical and semantic precision are critical in a court of law. Wolfestone Group’s certified legal linguists are highly experienced in translating pleadings, motions and orders.

Corporate governance documents: Corporate governance matters such as articles of incorporation, bylaws and board resolutions must be translated accurately for shareholders and regulatory agencies.

Regulatory filings: Our legal team adds an extra layer of assurance to your regulatory filings. Wolfestone Group’s quality controls include regulatory compliance checks for documents such as annual reports, prospectuses and disclosure documents.

Intellectual property documents: Protect your clients’ IP no matter where they do business. We translate documents such as trademark applications, patent applications and licensing agreements to ensure your clients’ maintain their competitive edge.

Business and financial documents: Our legal translation team allows you to confidently advise your clients on business and financial matters such as mergers and acquisitions, financing and securities offerings.


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Since 2006, Wolfestone Group has been a global leader in delivering bespoke translation services and linguistic solutions to law firms, corporate clients and other major businesses.

Unlike other translation agencies, Woflestone Group does not act as a middleman. Our specialized in-house teams and proprietary technology allow us to hold each translation to higher standards. In fact, our standards of accuracy and regulatory compliance are the most rigorous in the industry.

We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients. Our industry-specialized translators partner with their clients over time, ensuring a level of quality and consistency that can’t be found elsewhere.

Wolfestone Group is proud to offer comprehensive language solutions to businesses seeking a higher standard of accuracy, quality and trust.

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