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Streamline communication and expand your reach abroad with professional translation services by insurance-industry specialized translators.

Certified Insurance Translations by Industry Experts

When accuracy, confidentiality and deadlines matter, you can’t trust insurance translations to just any translator.

That’s why Wolfestone Group has spent years building a team of translators and quality control experts who specialize in serving insurance agencies.

Our translators have at least 5 years’ experience in the insurance/finance sector, and many were previously employed by insurance firms. They have a detailed understanding of the complex terminology and compliance standards of insurance documentation, enabling them to deliver fast and accurate translations for policies, claims documents, expert reports, customer service materials, and much more.

We understand that the security of your clients’ data is of the utmost importance. Wolfestone Group is proud to be among the few translation agencies to offer ISO 27001:2013 certified translation services, guaranteeing the highest level of security for your sensitive documents and your clients’ personal information.

Every word matters when it comes to translating insurance documents. Trust your business—and your clients’ confidential data—to a team with the experience and certification to serve insurance agencies.

Contact Wolfestone Group today to learn more about the end-to-end, customized solutions we provide to insurance agencies and receive a response in 60 minutes.

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Serve Your Local Clients Better

Nearly 15% of the US population (about 50 million people) speak Spanish as their native language. Translating your documents and marketing materials from English to Spanish enables you to reach new clients and serve your local communities more effectively.

Wolfestone Group’s comprehensive linguistic services go far beyond document translation. We translate your ads, handle voiceovers and captioning, and even train your staff to communicate key industry concepts to your non-English speaking clients.

Expand Your Reach Internationally

Offering insurance services to international markets is a lucrative yet complex endeavor. Wolfestone Group’s specialized translators are familiar with the insurance documentation and compliance standards in over 100 countries.

We also offer localization and transcreation services to ensure your marketing materials engage local consumers and drive them to act. Getting a foothold in a new market is never easy, but with Wolfestone Group’s industry-specialized translators and marketing team on your side, your message will make an impact.

Increase Efficiency and Security

Insurance documents must be filed promptly, and the information within must remain secure. Hiring a translation agency can put you at risk on both fronts.

Wolfestone Group is ISO 27001:2013 certified to protect your business and client data. We employ the highest possible security standards, and our translators undergo regular training on data security best practices.

Our translators have years of experience in the insurance/finance niche, enabling them to translate your documents rapidly and accurately. Your dedicated translators and project managers will work with you over time, enabling them to better serve your needs as time passes.

It pays to partner with a translation agency that commits to your success in the long term. Contact Wolfestone Group to learn about our bespoke services for insurance companies.

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End-to-End Translation Services for Insurance Firms

Wolfestone Group is able to cover 100% of your linguistic needs in-house and on one invoice. Our translation services for insurance firms include the following:

Policies and Contracts: Contractual language must be translated precisely to protect your clients and avoid legal trouble. Our linguists are certified to translate policy terms and conditions, endorsements, and coverage summaries.

Claims Documentation: When a claim is filed, clear communication between the insurance agency and the client is critical. We translate all documents related to insurance claims, such as police reports, medical records and damage assessments.

Marketing and Advertising Materials: Your brand’s message consists of more than just words. Our transcreation specialists translate your brochures, ads and social media content to make an impact in your target market.

Compliance Documents: Every translation undergoes multiple rounds of quality controls to ensure it meets compliance standards in your market. Our experts translate risk assessments, policies, training materials and other compliance documents with precision to keep you within legal boundaries.

Customer Service Materials: Our linguists translate a wide range of customer service documents, such as claim forms, letters and emails to facilitate seamless communication with your clients.

Additional Language Services for Insurance Firms

Professional Website Translation

Your agency’s digital presence is directly tied to its reputation. Our certified insurance translators and marketing specialists translate your product descriptions, FAQs, customer support pages and more to help you build trust. We also offer multilingual SEO services to boost your visibility in new markets.

Multilingual Voiceover Services

Enhance your training videos and presentations with professional voiceovers in 220+ language pairs. Our native-speaking voice actors are professional actors who ensure your message resonates with your audience.

Live Captions for Events

From international conferences to conference calls, our live captioning and interpreting services assist you in communicating with audiences in real time, regardless of language barriers. We understand that insurance and financial terminology is complex, which is why we employ industry specialists to translate your events.

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Why Choose Wolfestone Group?


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Wolfestone Group has been a trusted provider of professional translation services since 2006. Our team of certified translators and in-house insurance experts guarantees the highest possible degree of accuracy and compliance for every translation.

We understand the stakes are high in the finance and insurance sector, which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to:

  • Achieve an ISO 27001:2013 certification for data security
  • Employ finance/insurance specialized translators with a minimum of 5 years’ experience
  • Enforce the industry’s toughest quality controls for accuracy and compliance
  • Build bespoke solutions for our insurance clients

We tailor our services around your unique objectives to guarantee that 100% of your linguistic needs are met—from the most sensitive claims document translations to social media marketing translations to voiceovers for your training videos.

Choose Wolfestone Group today and experience the assurance of working with an industry-leading translation service provider that understands the needs of insurance agencies and their clients.

Schedule your free consultation now and receive a response within 60 minutes.