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Unlock the full potential of education with language solutions that enable students of all backgrounds to learn and thrive

Bridging the Language Barrier in Education

At Wolfestone Group, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of language barriers. That's why we offer cutting-edge language solutions for educational institutions and universities in the US, and worldwide.

Our range of language solutions includes multilingual voiceovers, translation, localization, audio description, and more. We understand the importance of accuracy and cultural sensitivity when it comes to educational content, which is why we employ native speakers and subject matter experts for every project.

Whether you need translated educational materials or international recruitment campaigns, choose Wolfestone Group for high-quality solutions that will help you reach a global audience and break down language barriers in education.

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Enhancing Education Accessibility through Language Solutions

Language solutions are essential for making education more accessible for all students, including those with disabilities and different linguistic backgrounds. Universities are using them to create more inclusive learning environments and ensure equal access to educational resources.

International Students:

International students have to overcome language barriers in order to understand lectures, read textbooks, and interact with professors and other students. We can translate learning materials, provide real-time translation and captioning of webinars, and create transcriptions to help understand spoken English. Virtual classrooms and online collaboration tools can also allow international students to participate in group discussions and projects without physical presence.

If your institute is also looking to recruit international students and talent, our marketing translation services can aid you in increasing your global reach and authority.

Deaf and Blind Students:

Assistive technologies such as screen readers, braille, audio description, and captioning services are critical for students who are deaf or blind. These tools or solutions enable them to access written or spoken information and participate in classroom activities.

At Wolfestone Group, we can provide subtitles, captions, braille, audio description, and more, to ensure your educational materials are inclusive to a wider audience.

Neurodiverse Students:

Students with cognitive disabilities or learning differences often need assistance with reading comprehension, organization, or reducing sensory overload. Subtitles, audio description, or transcription can help cater to each individual student's unique needs.

Integrated language tools can also provide customized learning experiences to meet the individual needs of neurodiverse students.

Multilingual Students in America:

The United States is the most diverse country in the world. According to the American Community Survey, over 350 languages are spoken by Americans. Spanish is the most commonly spoken language other than English, with about 41 million people in the United States speaking it at home. Tagalog, a language spoken in the Philippines, is the second most spoken language, with over 1.7 million speakers in the United States. Cantonese, a dialect of Chinese, is the third most commonly spoken language, with over 840,000 speakers in the United States.

Language solutions, such as learning resources and translation and interpretation services, can help multilingual students improve their language proficiency and feel more confident in their abilities. By providing these resources, universities can ensure that all students have access to important information and effective communication with their professors and advisors, which can lead to academic success.

Optimize Educational Materials with Language Solutions

Language solutions have revolutionized the way educational materials are created, distributed and consumed, making them more engaging, accessible and inclusive for all students. Here are solutions that can enhance educational materials:

Multilingual Subtitles

Subtitles can help students engage with and retain information from video content by providing a visual aid and making educational materials accessible for deaf or hard-of-hearing students. Research has shown that adding subtitles to educational videos can improve student engagement and retention, making it an effective tool for educators.

eLearning Translation

Translated eLearning provides a way to overcome language barriers and ensure materials are accessible to students who speak different languages. This is particularly useful for international students, multilingual students, and students learning a new language. Our linguists cover a range of industries and topics, giving your the confidence to communicate & educate in over 220 language pairs.

Machine Translation

By using machine translation tools to automatically translate large texts and educational materials from one language to another, allowing students who speak different languages to access the same content. This reduces the time and costs associated with translating materials manually. However, it is worth noting that this should be used only for basic comprehension.


Voiceovers can bring video content to life and make it more engaging for students. They can be used to explain complex concepts, provide context, and emphasize key points in educational materials. Additionally, they can be used to create instructional videos in different languages, including Latin American Spanish and Cantonese, making educational materials accessible for students who speak other languages.

Live Captions for Webinars

Live captions provide real-time transcription of spoken language, making it more accessible for neurodiverse and deaf or hard-of-hearing students. By using live captions for webinars and events, educators can ensure that all students can participate and engage with the content. Additionally, live captions can be used to help students who are learning a new language or have difficulty understanding spoken language.


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International Marketing, Recruitment, and Reach

International marketing and recruitment are essential for universities to attract students and top talent from around the world. Language solutions can help universities communicate effectively with prospective students from different countries and cultures, making it easier to attract and enrol international students. Here are some ways language solutions can help universities:

Marketing Translation:

Marketing translation is, quite simply, the process of translating marketing materials into different languages. It helps universities create targeted and effective marketing campaigns that resonate with international students. For example, universities can better reach prospective students from China, which is one of the top countries for international students in the US.

Recruiting Students from Top Countries:

Universities can use language solutions to translate marketing materials to reach out to prospective students in major countries such as China, India, South Korea, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Brazil. For example, universities can translate materials into Hindi to reach out to prospective students from India, which has a large English-speaking population but also significant regional language speakers.

Translation for International Student Support:

Language solutions can be used to support international students in their academic journey. By providing translation of academic materials such as textbooks and lecture notes, universities can help students overcome language barriers and better engage with course content. Additionally, universities can aid international students in navigating administrative processes more easily by providing translated enrolment forms and student handbooks.

Language solutions are a valuable tool for universities to enhance their international marketing and reach. They can create targeted and effective marketing campaigns, provide translation services for academic and administrative materials, and help international students navigate the academic journey and overcome language barriers.

Revolutionize Your University's Global Impact with Wolfestone Group's Language Solutions

Universities can benefit from language solutions services to enhance their educational materials and reach a diverse student body. These services include enhancing educational materials and reaching a diverse student body.

Localization Services

Localization is the process of adapting content to a specific culture or region. Universities can use localization services to tailor their educational materials to the cultural norms and language preferences of different countries and regions, creating a more engaging and effective learning experience for students from different backgrounds.

Translation Services

Translation is the process of converting written content from one language to another. Universities can use translation services to translate academic materials such as textbooks, research papers, and course materials into different languages, making educational content more accessible for international students and multilingual students. Translation services can also be used to translate administrative documents such as enrolment forms, student handbooks, and university policies, making them easier to understand for non-native speakers.


Transcreation is the process of adapting marketing content to a specific culture or region. Universities can use it to create marketing materials that resonate with international audiences and better communicate their brand message. It is particularly useful for universities that want to attract international students and create effective marketing campaigns.

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We understand the importance of effective communication in education. Founded in 2006, we have extensive experience in the language services industry. We have a proven track record of helping educational institutions and businesses in the education sector communicate effectively with their audiences.

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Whether you need translation and localization services for e-learning content, multilingual voiceovers and subtitles for educational videos, or language training for international students and staff, we have the solutions you need. Contact us today to learn more and get started.