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Costanza Rocchi

Vendor Manager

Meet Costanza

We sat down with Costanza Rocchi, Vendor Manager, to chat more about her role.


How do you contribute to the business?

As Vendor Manager at Wolfestone, I lead the process of finding the best translators, sign language interpreters and voiceover artists for our clients’ projects. I work closely with each provider to ensure their work is always of the highest standards as well as maintaining Wolfestone as a great company that translators etc are proud to work with.

How do you contribute to the customer experience?

Every supplier I find will ultimately be creating your project, so making sure they’re the best in the industry ultimately keeps you, the client, happy!

What drew you to the company?

I have worked for the Wolfestone group since February 2017 where I started as an intern working closely with professionals in the translation industry to build on my language competencies and develop my translation and business skills. In June 2017 I became a Translation Consultant at Wolfestone until becoming Vendor Manager in April 2022.

Wolfestone is a responsible, dynamic, ambitious, ethical, and proactive company that strives for excellence in every aspect of its services. They continue to support me through my growth and development as an employee, I look forward to getting stuck into my Vendor Management role.